About Us

Cryobio,  our parent company, was founded in 1989 by Dr. Bill Baird, a scientist with a PhD in reproductive biology.  At the time, Dr. Baird was running an in vitro fertilization laboratory in Columbus, OH and he was dissatisfied with the donor sperm samples available.  This dissatisfaction led him to realize there was a demand for high-quality donor sperm samples and so, Cryobio was born.

Over the years, we have continued to adapt to the changing needs of those who wish to build a family using donor sperm as well as providing fertility preservation for people who may be going through a multitude of health or social changes.

Dr. Baird opened Pittsburgh Cryobank in 1996, for the same reasons as with Cryobio.  We are here to help everyone reach their goal of creating the family they choose, wether that’s today, tomorrow, or some time in the future.