Client Depositor Sperm Banking


Sperm Cryopreservation (monthly storage fee also applies) 180.00
Sperm Cryopreservation: Retrograde (monthly storage fee also applies) 245.00
Sperm Storage (charged monthly to credit card on file)   30.00
Viral Disease Testing 145.00
Blood Draw and Handling   21.00
Shipping (By Location) Varies

Andrology Services

Analysis, Processing, & Testing


Semen Analysis 144.00
Semen Analysis: Post-Vasectomy Check   80.00
Semen Analysis: Retrograde 234.00
Semen Analysis with Morphology, Strict Criteria 194.00
Sperm Wash 199.00
Sperm Wash: Retrograde 234.00
Sperm Prep: Cryopreserved Sample, ICI Prep 199.00
Sperm Prep: Cryopreserved Sample, IUI Prep 144.00
Semen Fructose: Qualitative   39.00
Live/Dead Stain (Viability)   54.00

Fees are subject to change without prior notice.