Directed Donor Program

Directed DonorPittsburgh Cryobank, Inc. offers a directed donor program for recipients who want to choose a sperm donor who is known to them. The directed donor agrees to be a sperm donor for that specific recipient only. Because directed donors are required to collect samples at our laboratory, this service is available to recipients and directed donors who reside in, or are willing to travel to, the Pittsburgh, PA area. We will work with out-of-town directed donors to the best of our ability to complete the process in as few days as possible. Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc. is a satellite facility of Cryobiology, Inc in Columbus, OH that also offers a directed donor program for that area.

All parties involved, including the directed donor, the recipient, and the recipient’s significant other, if applicable, are required to sign, and have witnessed, a contract and agreement provided by Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc. However, the parties involved may also choose to consult an independent lawyer regarding issues that may arise in the future.

Directed donors are required to complete a family history form (provided by Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc.) and undergo the same transmittable disease and genetic testing, physical, and genetic interview as anonymous donors. Directed donor samples are also required to undergo a 6 month quarantine (from the last collection) with repeat testing prior to release of vial(s) for the recipient’s use. The directed donor must be between the ages of 18 and 40. Donors over 40 years of age are acceptable only if the recipient’s physician agrees in writing.

Step 1 (optional)

Prior to beginning the directed donor program, it is highly recommended, but not required that the potential directed donor submit a sample for a semen analysis and test freeze and thaw evaluation. This will indicate whether the potential directed donor has an adequate number of sperm cells in order to adequately serve as a donor and whether the cells present can survive freezing and thawing at an acceptable rate for the recipient’s intended use. Most recipients are interested in using the directed donor’s sample for intrauterine insemination (IUI), however, any assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure (IVF, ICSI, etc.) can be performed once the directed donor has passed all required testing and quarantine. Therefore, the acceptability of sample quality and sperm cell survival is dependent upon what the recipient’s physician decides is necessary for her specific case. A report is generated and sent to the recipient’s physician, and upon the physician’s approval of the sample quality and sperm cell survival rate, directed donor testing can begin.

* Please note that once the directed donor program commences and a deposit is made, there are no refunds. For this reason, we highly recommend the freeze and thaw evaluation, or minimally, a semen analysis, on the potential directed donor.

Step 2

Once all contracts and agreements have been signed by the parties involved and signatures have been notarized or witnessed, the originals and non refundable deposit must be submitted to Pittsburgh Cryobank. The family history form completed by the directed donor should also be submitted at this time. In addition, the recipient’s physician must present a script or an order for directed donor cryopreservation and testing.

After Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc. receives the above forms, deposit, etc., the directed donor may call and schedule an appointment with the laboratory. During this appointment, the directed donor will have his blood drawn and collect urine and semen samples for required testing. The semen sample will not be processed and frozen for later use but used for testing only. Additionally, the directed donor must schedule an appointment for a physical with either our physician or his family physician at least 2 weeks after the testing appointment. The directed donor or recipient is responsible for informing Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc. of the date of the physical, and, if not using our physician, the name and address of the physician performing the physical so that physical forms and test results may be forwarded. The laboratory will also schedule the directed donor for a telephone interview with the genetic counselor.

Step 3

After the testing appointment, physical, and genetic interview are complete and all results have been received at Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc., the results are forwarded to the recipient’s physician for review and approval. The signed approval or rejection statement must be received at Pittsburgh Cryobank, Inc. prior to any samples collected for potential future use. If the physician deems the directed donor unacceptable, the process ends at this point.

Step 4

If the recipient’s physician approves the directed donor, the directed donor may call to schedule an appointment to start collecting samples for future use. The semen samples will now be processed and frozen for use by the recipient after 6 month quarantine testing is complete and results are acceptable. The initial deposit made prior to starting the program now becomes a credit on the recipient’s final bill.

Step 5

Six months after the directed donor collects his last sample; the directed donor must schedule a 6 month quarantine testing appointment. A reminder notice will be sent to the recipient that her directed donor is due for the 6 month quarantine testing. Upon receipt of negative or acceptable results, all samples will be available for release to the recipient’s physician. Please refer to shipping.


Freeze/Thaw Evaluation (Optional) $155.00
Deposit to Start (Non Refundable) $935.00
Administrative Fee $490.00
Cryopreservation Freezing Procedure (Priced per Ejaculate) $225.00
Testing Fees* $1320.00
Additional Quarantine Testing $240.00
Donor Physical Performed by our Physician $200.00
Storage Fee
(Applicable only to specimens remaining in storage 1 year from initial freeze date)
$350.00 per Year
(Quarterly Fees Available)
Withdrawal Fee (per Withdrawal) $82.00
Shipping Fee Varies by location

* Does not include any confirmatory testing, ethnic-dependent, and/or family history (of disease) testing. Includes initial and one 6 month quarantine test, consisting of all anonymous donor tests, excluding karyotype.